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IRS Tax Center: Federal Tax OverviewInternal Revenue Service

Starting, Operating or Closing a Business
Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, you will find everything you need to know about federal taxes to start and manage your business venture. These three sections contain checklists and articles tailored for small businesses and self-employed individuals that relate to all stages of the business lifecycle.

Business Taxes
There are four general types of federal business taxes: income tax, self-employment tax, employment taxes and excise taxes. The form of business you operate—sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation—determines which taxes you must pay and which IRS forms you need to complete and file in order to pay the applicable taxes.

Small Business Resources
This section offers a broad range of resources across federal and state agencies. Small business resources include assistance and contact information from several federal agencies and all state governments. Small business trends and statistics enable entrepreneurs to compare their business to other similar companies. The IRS lists hundreds of tax advocacy groups.

The IRS has created special sections for more than a dozen different industries including child care, construction, cosmetology, entertainment, gas retailers, real estate and restaurants. These sections offer industry-specific tips regarding tax issues and procedures. There are also practical articles that advise each type of business how to avoid problems with the IRS.

Tax Information for International Businesses
This section provides information on international taxes. Operating an international business adds additional federal tax filing and compliance requirements. This section explains the essential concepts of international taxation, tax withholding, transfer pricing and tax treaties. There is also contact information for IRS offices located overseas and tax statistics covering international corporations.

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