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Find business services, applications, and resources.   Doing Business in DC
Find business services, applications, and resources.


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Counseling, Training and Mentoring

These government agencies, quasi-government entities, and private organizations offer training that is useful to the business and nonprofit community. Some training is free, while other training requires payment. Training varies in length from a single session to a series of seminars over several weeks. Topics include business planning, computer skills, management, marketing, and bookkeeping.

Community Development Corporations
Many community development corporations (CDCs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) offer training courses for businesses in specified geographic areas or across the District of Columbia.

DC Public Library
The DC Public Library (DCPL) provides a variety of classes for the general public that are also helpful for small businesses and nonprofits. Visit the schedule for free computer training and read the library's calendar of events.

Department of Employment Services
Department of Employment Services' (DOES) provides a range of training opportunities for startup and small businesses, as well as business counseling services.

District of Columbia Small Business Development Center Network
This network provides free technical assistance and affordable training to small, minority-owned, and other disadvantaged enterprises in all phases of business development.

Enhanced Business Information Center
A product of the Department of Small and Local Business Development, DC Public Library, and the US Small Business Administration, the Enhanced Business Information Center (e-BIC) ensures that the most current resources for starting a small business in the District of Columbia are readily available at a convenient location. It also offers a plethora of free training and educational courses and materials.

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