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The world of business contracting can create more questions than answers without the proper information. The following list of resources highlights the important components of a contract and the essentials to making it work. While the best solution is to write up a contract with your lawyer, a business person should always be familiar with the fundamentals of writing a contract. These fundamentals can be found on the internet, in books, and sometimes through local legal services.


  • Nolo provides legal support and documentation for consumers and small businesses. There are plenty of contracting articles, forms, and documents available.
  • The Quicken Small Business Center website provides many important resources and checklists for writing contracts. You will find many articles on contracting as well as basic business issues.
  • The Microsoft Legal Templates offers a compiled list of legal business templates.
  • has two articles that are very helpful for business people who are unfamiliar with law and need to know the basics and legalese of a contract: Contract Basics and Contract Advice.


These titles are available in the DC Public Library System.

  • The Law (in Plain English) for Small Business, by Leonard D. DuBoff. Sphinx Publishing, 2004.
  • Write Your Own Business Contracts: What Your Attorney Won't Tell You, by Barrett, E. Thorpe. Oasis Press, 2000.
  • The Most Valuable Business Forms You'll Ever Need, by James C. Ray. Sphinx Publishing, 1996.
  • Contract Forms for Business, by Robert Ogden Cottrell. Ogden Shepard Publishing Company, 1986.
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