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The right employees can promote the growth and stability of your company. Your goal as a business owner is to find the best fit for your open positions and to retain those employees. Employee turnover costs your business in lost productivity, loss of corporate knowledge, increased benefits administration, and unemployment compensation.

Companies currently doing business within the District or planning to relocate to DC can benefit from several employee recruitment programs operated by the Department of Employment Services (DOES). Employers should contact the DOES Office of Marketing and Business Services for information about recruitment programs, tax incentives, and labor market information.

To keep your employees energized and productive, concentrate on these areas:

  • Relationships: In any office, large or small, poor employee relationships affect morale, and morale affects employee retention. Pay attention to troublesome interactions within the office, and deal with them swiftly.
  • Employee Growth: Put individual growth plans in place including education, personal growth, and work/life balance.
  • Work Environment: Provide your employees with adequate tools to do their jobs and a proper and safe space in which to work.
  • Compensation Program: Establish a program that includes base pay and other incentives.

DC Employer Poster Requirements

By law, DC employers are required to display specific employment-related posters in locations accessible to their employees. Some of these laws are administered and monitored by the DC government or the federal government. Select the agency links below to view poster requirements:

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