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Find business services, applications, and resources.   Doing Business in DC
Find business services, applications, and resources.


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This section helps you map out your business financially and find financing. It offers advice on how to put your financial house in order, assess your finance needs, and approach lenders. Find out what lenders are looking for, compare financing options, and get advice on presenting your business plan.

Organize Your Finances
The first order of business is to collect and record all your financial information.
Determine Your Current Resources
Find out what resources you have available to finance the start of your business.
Obtain Your Credit Report
Request copies of your credit report from the three major vendors and clear up any inaccuracies.
Pro Forma Financials and Templates
Use these business and financial templates to help organize your finances.
Review Your Business Plan
Make sure you have a sound business plan to present to investors and lenders.
Find Additional Financing
Learn about the various bank loans and funding options you may want to use to grow your business.
Learn About the Loan Process
Develop a detailed loan package that will address any concerns of the lender.

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