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DC Chamber of Commerce Business Resource Center

DC Chamber of Commerce Business Resource Center
(DCCCBRC) is a leading, District-wide provider of technical assistance to small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

To date, over 350 clients have benefited from DCCCBRC services that include:

  • Operating a US Small Business Administration (SBA) Sub-Center to provide access to SBA programs for local businesses. For example, counselors from the SBA and SCORE provide mentorship, counseling, and training;
  • Developing an Access to Capital program to increase bank lending and microloans to small businesses;
  • Enabling DC-based universities and MBA students to work inside small businesses and provide technical assistance;
  • Providing one-on-one business counseling on topics ranging from business plans to marketing strategies; and
  • Connecting clients with experienced business leaders through a Mentorship Program.
DCCCBRC is an initiative of the DC Chamber of Commerce. DCCCBRC partners supplying additional support include the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, US Small Business Administration, Riggs Bank, City First Bank of Washington, and the DC Department of Housing and Community Development.

In spring 2002, DCCCBRC launched the Verizon Small Business Technology Learning Center, which includes a computer lab and reference library for use by business owners. A major focus of the new addition is to provide basic computer training to its clients. They can write their business and marketing plans, conduct research, and design marketing brochures in the lab. The library provides materials and information on an assortment of federal and local government programs, private contracting opportunities, and incentives for operating their business in the District of Columbia.

Access the current events calendar. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact DCCCBRC at dslbd@dc.gov or call (202) 727-3900.

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