Start a Business - Checklist

You may print this checklist to keep track of your progress.

Establish Your Business Plan

  Develop a Business Plan
  Understand Business Regulations
  Determine the Ownership Structure
        Sole Proprietorship   LLC   Partnership   Corporation
  Register a Business
        DCRA Corporations Division (202) 442-4432
  Obtain Federal Tax Identification Number
        US Internal Revenue Service (866) 816-2065
        Office of Tax and Revenue (202) 727-4829

Finance Your Business
  Organize Your Finances
  Determine Your Current Resources
  Obtain Your Credit Report
  Pro Forma Financials and Templates
  Review Your Business Plan
  Find Additional Financing
  Learn About the Loan Process

Fulfill Tax and License Requirements

  Complete the Combined Business Tax Registration for DC
        Office of Tax and Revenue (202) 727-4829
  Choose a Business Location
        Office of Zoning (202) 727-6311
        DCRA Permit Service Center (202) 442-9475
  Register the Business Trade Name(s)
        DCRA Corporations Division (202) 442-4400
  Determine Whether Required to Apply for Basic Business License
        DCRA Basic Business License (202) 442-4311

Grow and Maintain Your Business

  Attract and Retain Qualified Employees
  Prepare for Business Growth
  Devise Successful Sales and Marketing Plans
  Annual Business Renewal and Reporting Requirements
  Dissolve a Business

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